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KCL Known Issues

The following are bugs that are not in modeling-app or kcl itself. These bugs once fixed in engine will just start working here with no language changes.

  • Sketch on Face: If your sketch is outside the edges of the face (on which you are sketching) you will get multiple models returned instead of one single model for that sketch and its underlying 3D object. If you see a red line around your model, it means this is happening.

  • Import: Right now you can import a file, even if that file has brep data you cannot edit it, after v1, the engine will account for this. You also cannot currently move or transform the imported objects at all, once we have assemblies this will work.

  • Fillets: Fillets cannot intersect, you will get an error. Only simple fillet cases work currently.

  • Chamfers: Chamfers cannot intersect, you will get an error. Only simple chamfer cases work currently.

    Sketching on the chamfered face does not currently work.

  • Shell: Shell is only working for end faces, not for side or start faces. We are tracking the engine side bug on this.