Edit CAD visually or with code

Open Source Cloud Based CAD Software Running on Remote GPUs

Modeling App is an open-source hardware design interface that allows you to generate CAD models, both by editing code and with point-and-click actions. Get professional-grade modeling and low-latency computation without a massive workstation. The infrastructure behind the Modeling App utilizes our Design API and streams video from our Geometry Engine running in remote GPUs.

Click and code your vision

A CAD modeling tool that brings the best of both worlds from point-and-click and code editing.

  • professional-grade
  • low-latency
  • open-source
  • uses our design api
  • uses our geometry engine

Speed meets power

Experience professional grade performance and remote GPU power for complex designs. Witness efficiency like never before.

  • Remote GPU-powered

    Utilizes our Geometry Engine running on remote GPUs, ensuring swift and efficient streaming of design models.

  • Enhanced loading speeds

    Outperforms local machines in loading times, especially noticeable with large and complex models.

  • Professional-grade

    Offers high-quality modeling capabilities coupled with low-latency computation, eliminating the need for a large workstation.

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