Develop Engineering CAD Software with Powerful Design Features

KittyCAD is the Design API

Build modern tools with GPU-native speed and cloud streaming technology. KittyCAD is Zoo’s Design API, built from the ground up on our custom Geometry Engine. Modern speed, globally accessible.

image of the Zoo Geometry Engine being operated over the KittyCAD API

Our Design API

Validated through tools built by our team and by our customers, we bring the industry’s infrastructure up to speed so you and your team can focus on creating the tools you need the most.

How to make hardware design fast

  1. Extensibility

    You'll never have unexpected problems assembling KittyCAD API calls into powerful hardware design features.

  2. Parallelization

    Every piece of infrastructure we build runs on the GPU, which means the software you build will be unbelievably fast.

  3. Modern file formats

    No approximations of geometry, no massive data transfers, just dense and accurate boundary representations.

KITTYCAD is made for developers

Our Design API

Available in any language that supports REST API calls, with client libraries for Python, TS, Go, and Rust.

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Use our tools as an example

Learn how to build a full-fledged design tool from the Modeling App, or how to enhance existing software based on how we built the Diff Viewer.

Modeling App


A powerful command-line interface for scripting with KittyCAD and other Zoo APIs. Perfect for integrating with third-party services like GitHub Actions.

CLI Documentation

Start building with our Design API

Get started with 40 free minutes of API access, followed by a cost of $0.50 per minute for additional usage.

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