Build something great with KittyCAD

The power of the KittyCAD Design API and Geometry Engine make it possible for individuals and small teams to build all kinds of new hardware design tools that used to be possible within major companies.

We are battle-testing our infrastructure by building tools of our own like KittyCAD Modeling App and KittyCAD Diff Viewer (and more!), but we have more ideas than our small team has time to build. That’s where you come in.

combined view of Diff Viewer on an example GitHub pull request

Tools you should build with KittyCAD

There are plenty of projects that our small team wants to build for the community, if we just had the time! Here is a growing list of ideas that we want to see realized. If you want to get started but have questions, please reach out to us, we’re very easy to nerd snipe.

  • Verification dashboard

    Build a dashboard application that shows a table with live and historical views of analytics for a given set of CAD parts as they are iterated upon, such as their center of mass.

  • Automated design workflow

    An automation—such as a GitHub Action—that runs an automated pipeline on pull requests, such as converting files or generating snapshot images.

  • Full CAD application

    Our Design API supports real-time rendering of accurate CAD models as an easy-to-use video stream. This unlocks the potential for you to build full graphical user interfaces to suit your unique business needs.

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Tools we’re building

We’re building tools internally in order to dogfood our infrastructure. They’re all open-source, so you can use them as starter projects if you need something similar but specialized, or of course we’d love it if you contributed!

Modeling App

Public Alpha

A CAD modeling tool that brings the best of both worlds from point-and-click and code editing.

Diff Viewer

Public Alpha

A browser extension to make GitHub better for comparing changes to 3D models. Built using our file conversion API and ThreeJS.


A browser-based app to get quick metrics and conversions of your uploaded 3D models.

In development

Got something a bit different in mind?

If you’ve got other tools that you’d like to see built on KittyCAD’s infrastructure—whether you’re a software developer or not—we want to hear about it. We are building infrastructure that can support thousands of different use cases for hardware design tools, and we’re confident that we haven’t thought of all of them yet.

How to start building with KittyCAD

We have a number of tools that make getting started developing on top of KittyCAD’s infrastructure easier.


via an OpenAPI-compliant spec

View the spec


and WebRTC via the same generated spec

View the spec

Client Libraries

for Python, TypeScript, Go, and Rust

View Python docs

Command Line Interface

a handcrafted CLI built with our Rust client

View CLI docs