cli → zoo → alias

zoo alias set

Create a shortcut for a zoo command.


The alias to set
The expansion of the alias
Declare an alias to be passed through a shell interpreter
Default value: false
Print debug info
Default value: false
Print help (see a summary with '-h')


Define a word that will expand to a full zoo command when invoked.

The expansion may specify additional arguments and flags. If the expansion includes positional placeholders such as "$1", extra arguments that follow the alias will be inserted appropriately. Otherwise, extra arguments will be appended to the expanded command.

Use "-" as expansion argument to read the expansion string from standard input. This is useful to avoid quoting issues when defining expansions.

If the expansion starts with "!" or if "--shell" was given, the expansion is a shell expression that will be evaluated through the "sh" interpreter when the alias is invoked. This allows for chaining multiple commands via piping and redirection.

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