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zoo kcl export

Export a kcl file as any other supported CAD file format.


The path to the input kcl file to export. If you pass - as the path, the file will be read from stdin
The path to a directory to output the files
A valid output file format
Possible values: fbx | glb | gltf | obj | ply | step | stl
The source unit to use for the kcl file
Possible values: cm | ft | in | m | mm | yd
Default value: mm
Command output format
Possible values: json | yaml | table
Print debug info
Default value: false
Print help (see a summary with '-h')


# convert kcl to obj
$ zoo kcl export --output-format=obj my-file.kcl output_dir

# convert kcl to step
$ zoo kcl export --output-format=step my-obj.kcl .

# pass a file to convert from stdin
$ cat my-obj.kcl | zoo kcl export --output-format=step - output_dir

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