The KittyCAD Geometry Engine

Our Geometry Engine streams live video of CAD visualizations at video game latency rates using a novel approach based on solid graphics research. This is what the future of hardware design looks like.

Born for streaming

Our API-first infrastructure means that the Geometry Engine has been built from day one to support remote streaming. It is tightly integrated with the KittyCAD API to support remote sessions, meaning your users don’t need costly top-tier graphics cards.

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Built for performance

Our engine is optimized for GPU performance from the ground up. Whether your hardware design application runs streaming or locally, you can rest assured it will be running at the peak of modern graphics performance standards.

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Goodbye triangles, hello B-rep

The KittyCAD Geometry Engine creates boundary representations, not triangle-based meshes. Don’t worry, the KittyCAD API can convert your B-reps to meshes for you, too!